Miriam (they/she) is a nonprofit professional with a tech background and an artistic side.

When not working for a nonprofit, Miriam is a serial entrepreneur who owns the accounting & bookkeeping company Happy Bookkeeping, co-owns the tech project development company J&M Lab, and is the founder of the nonprofit incubator Sector 3.

Miriam originally set out to be an early medieval history professor of religious studies focusing on women's literacy and paleography, but decided before completing their dissertation (and the requisite Ph.D.) that academia was not ultimately the right place to be. Miriam had been financing all that school work with nonprofit finance and technology work; now it became full-time work.

Flash forward 17 years - as of 2023, Miriam has worked for dozens of small businesses and nonprofits as an employee, a contractor (through Happy Bookkeeping and J&M Lab), and a Board member. Now a seasoned manager and executive type, Miriam has experience in communications, fundraising, finance and accounting, website management, operations, and human resources.

When not working, Miriam can be found reading, sewing, and traveling around. Miriam loves to write, and wrote a blog about her art adventures for 10 years called Crafter by Night. Miriam currently writes about issues around running nonprofits and small businesses at Sector3, under which banner they percolate ideas about incubating nonprofits and helping them achieve their missions.

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